West Suffolk Council apologises after sending 230 rent bills out by mistake

West Suffolk House

West Suffolk Council has apologised for sending out over 200 invoices to business owners - Credit: Jason Noble

A Suffolk council has apologised after it "accidentally" sent out more than 200 invoices to business owners as a result of an error.

West Suffolk Council bosses said they were sorry for mistakenly sending out around 230 invoices for a year's rent to business owners in the region. 

A West Suffolk Council spokesman said: "Around 230 commercial customers were accidentally sent invoices marked out for the year rather than the collection period, which in most cases should have been for the quarter.

"We have contacted them all to put the matter right.

"While we hope most tenants would recognise it was clearly an error as soon as they saw the collection period, we apologise for any concern that we may have inadvertently caused.”