Revealed: The 20 hottest Augusts on record in Suffolk

The hottest Augusts in the region have been revealed by the Met Office

The hottest Augusts in the region have been revealed by the Met Office - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Temperatures in Suffolk were relatively mild throughout August — but when have the warmest months on record been?

Data from East Anglian forecasters Weatherquest revealed last month was the coldest in the last decade, with the mercury lagging behind with a high of 24.9C.

That pales in comparison to August 2020's peak temperature of 36.3C.

Figures from the Met Office say the warmest August in the region was in 1997, where the mean temperature was a balmy 19.9C.

The 19C average in August 2020 was the third-hottest on record, with the 18.2C temperatures from 2019 and 2016 in 11th and 12th place respectively.

Thirteen of the 30 hottest Augusts in the Met Office's data, which goes back to 1884, have been recorded since 2000.

The hottest Augusts on record in the region, by mean temperature

1. 1997 - 19.9C

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2. 1911 - 19.1C

3. 2020 - 19.0C

4. 1995 - 19.0C

5. 1975 - 18.9C

6. 2003 - 18.8C

7. 1990 - 18.8C

8. 1947 - 18.6C

9. 2004 - 18.3C

10. 1933 - 18.3C

11. 2019 - 18.2C

12. 2016 - 18.2C

13. 1932 - 18.1C

14. 2009 - 18.1C

15. 1944 - 18.0C

16. 2019 - 17.9C

17. 2002 - 17.9C

18. 1991 - 17.9C

19. 1959 - 17.9C

20.  2018 - 17.9C

The issues of climate change and rising temperatures have come under greater scrutiny in the recent weeks following the release of a UN report on the impact humans are having on the planet.

Community leaders in Suffolk have previously said "there is no time for excuses or delays" when tackling the climate crisis.

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