Drivers warned of 'autumn rush' as busy roads expected during half-term

Police in Suffolk are stopping increasing numbers of cars without MOTs. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Suffolk's roads are expected to be busy next week during half term

Suffolk's roads are expected to be busy as people travel to the county for a half-term holiday break next week. 

A survey conduced by the RAC shows that Saturday, October 23 will be the busiest day with people travelling for "leisure breaks" in the region. 

According to the survey, Suffolk was among the most popular destinations for holidays planned during the half-term. 

Now drivers are being warned about the risks of breakdowns 

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Summer might be long gone but these figures suggest there might still be something of an autumn rush on the roads in the coming days as millions of drivers look to get away for the half-term holidays.

“That could well spark a jump in the number of breakdowns and, while many of these can’t be foreseen, a good number could be avoided if drivers spent just a little time looking over their cars before setting out.

“The key to a smooth journey is checking oil, coolant and screen wash levels are all where they should be, and making sure tyres are in good condition, have plenty of tread and are properly inflated.

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“Not checking these things increases the risk of a breakdown significantly, which is the last thing drivers want as they head away for a well-earned rest.”

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