Delays likely as police escort abnormal loads across Norfolk and Suffolk

The abnormal load going through Setchey, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt

Police are set to escort a trio of abnormal loads through Norfolk and Suffolk - Credit: Ian Burt

Drivers can expect delays as police escort three abnormal loads through Norfolk. 

The disruption will see two boat moulds transported across the county on Thursday (May 27), and a third on June 5. 

From 10am on Thursday, a mould 4.9m wide and 25.5m long is being taken from Gaymers Way, North Walsham, to Tunstead Road in Hoveton. 

It will proceed from Gaymers Road to Folgate Road, before continuing along main roads such as the B1145, A149, A1151. The journey will be completed on Horning Road West before reaching Tunstead Road. 

Later in the day, another mould - this time 4.8m wide and 22.9m in length - will leave Gaymers Way and head to Goodchild Marine in Burgh Castle from 1pm. 

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Its route will be Gaymers Way, Folgate Road, B1145, A149, A47, A143, New Road and Butt Lane. 

Finally, on Saturday, June 5, a shell 5.5m wide and 27.4m long will travel all the way from Oyster Yachts in Hoveton to Ipswich Haven Marina.

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It will journey along one of the following routes (to be confirmed on June 5):

  • Option 1: Tunstead Road, Horning Rd West, A1151, A149, B1152, A1064, A47, A11, Hethersett Road, Wymondham Street, Spooner Row, A11, A1304, Kentford B1506, A14, A1120, A14, A1308, A1120, A14, A1214, A137, West End Road, Bridge Street
  • Option 2: Tunstead Road, Horning Road West, A1151, A149, B1152, A1064, A47, A11, Hethersett Road, Wymondham Street, Spooner Row, A11, A1304, Kentford B1506, A14, A1308, B1113, A14, A1214, A137,  West End Road, Bridge Street

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