'Slow down, save lives' - Police launch annual speeding crackdown

The driver was caught speeding at 90mph on the A14 by Risby (stock image). Picture: TUDOR MORGAN-OWEN

Police have launched a new speed awareness campaign

Drivers are being urged to "slow down and save lives" as Suffolk police launches its annual speeding crackdown. 

Suffolk Constabulary's 'Slow Down, Save Lives' campaign will run from today, Monday, July 26, until Sunday, August 8, and will see an increased amount of checks and enforcement across the county. 

With speeding one of the main contributors in crashes and one of the fatal four driving offences, the campaign is aiming to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads.

In Suffolk, speeding was a contributing factor to around 9% of collisions where someone was killed or seriously injured within the past year (30 out of 257). 

The operation, which has been co-ordinated by the National Police Chiefs' Council, will see more officers speaking with drivers and informing them of the risks and consequences that driving above the speed limit can have.

Chief Inspector Jon Chapman, head of the joint roads and armed policing team, said drivers should "expect the unexpected" on the county's roads. 

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He said: "As traffic gradually increases to pre-pandemic levels with the full easing of restrictions, the number of collisions is anticipated to naturally increase. We want to remind drivers that speeding kills - it’s as simple as that.

"Our officers deal with the devastating consequences that speeding can cause, which is why we are so keen to highlight the importance of driving not only to the speed limit, but also to the road conditions.

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"We are urging road users to think not only about their own safety on the roads, but the safety of others. Expect the unexpected and drive to an appropriate speed where you can react quickly to any hazards and stop safely."

Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner, said: "I fully support this #SlowDownSaveLives campaign to focus on speeding. Speeding wrecks lives and there really is no excuse for it.

"I find it absolutely staggering that despite all the publicity and numerous warning signs, many drivers cannot keep to the speed limit.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore - Credit: Archant

"Speed limits are there for a reason.

"Speed is one of the fatal four causes of serious injury or death on our roads and these thoughtless drivers really do need to wake up to the fact that they are not just risking their own lives, but the lives of fellow road users.

"The faster you are travelling, the less time you have to react to the unexpected, so please remember #SlowDownSaveLives."

Motorists caught speeding will be issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) and face a fine, points on their licence or even court action. Some drivers can opt to take part in a speed awareness course. 

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