Glasswells mourns loss of director who started work with company 75 years ago


Peggy was described as quiet but extremely insightful and someone who gave great thought to decisions about Glasswells - Credit: Glasswells

Peggy Reardon, director of Glasswells, has died at the age of 92.

Peggy was the only daughter of Jerry Glasswell, the Suffolk family home furnisher’s founder, and auntie to current managing director, Paul Glasswell.

She began work in the family business in an official capacity in 1948, but had helped her father from the very beginning 75 years ago.

founder of glasswells

founder of Glasswells and Peggy's father Jerry Glasswell - Credit: Archant

The company now has stores in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Saffron Walden, Haverhill and Sudbury.

Her particular skills involved bookkeeping, mathematics and general accounting, having worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for three years.

She lived in Fornham St Genevieve and grew up in East London, until the outbreak of war in 1939, when she was evacuated to Bury St Edmunds to live with her maternal grandmother.

Peggy, who died on Friday, October 15, always demonstrated a very sharp brain keeping the accounts of the company in good order and she was company secretary for many years.

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Peggy’s day-to-day work at Glasswells ceased when she brought up her two daughters Shelley and Sarah, however she remained as a director and played a significant role in guiding the business forward over a great many years.

Paul Glasswell, managing director of Glasswells, expressed his sadness at losing an important member of the Glasswells family: “Throughout her life, Peggy was very supportive of my grandfather, father and of course her husband Tim, who she married in June 1954, and who was also a director of the company.

“When my grandfather, Jerry, took a backward seat, the business of Glasswells was very much conducted by my father, mother, Peggy and Tim; together they successfully made the company what it is today.

“Peggy was a very thoughtful lady, not just in business, but she also had a keen concern for the welfare of staff and took great pleasure in visiting the branches at Christmas time to deliver homemade mince pies.

"She took time to get to know our staff and had an excellent memory when it came to the goings on of children and family life and really enjoyed chatting with everyone at our Christmas parties.

“It is very sad to lose a family member who has played such a vital role in the progress of Glasswells.

"There is a tremendous amount of history that makes up the story of Glasswells and it remarkable to think that Peggy was there, every step of the way. We will all miss her very much.”

A service of thanksgiving will take place on Wednesday November 10 at 12:45pm, Fornham St Martin Church.