'Hero' stranger alerted Haverhill family to house fire

Three firefighters standing outside the Queensway home.

Haverhill woman Katarzyna Krasowska has thanked stranger Craig Brindley for calling the fire service to a house fire at her home. - Credit: Andrew Hendriks

A Haverhill homeowner has thanked a "hero" stranger after he alerted her three children to a house fire causing smoke to emerge from their roof.

On Tuesday, May 24, Katarzyna Krasowska's three children were interrupted by the sounds of urgent knocking on the door of her family home in Queensway.

Upon opening the door, they found a neighbour urgently asking them to leave the house, pointing to the smoke emerging from their roof.

Electrician Craig Brindley was passing in his van as he had just finished work on a local house when he spotted the smoke.

He said: "I originally thought it was steam as there had just been a storm.

"When I looked closer, I realised it was the only house in the street that had it."

Craig knocked on neighbour Roz Hendriks' door, who sent her 18-year-old son Andrew round to notify the Krasowska family.

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Craig then called the fire brigade and seven engines arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.

A smouldering fire was found in the attic thought to have been started by lightning striking the solar panels.

Katarzyna has hailed Craig as a "hero" and said: "I would like to thank him for saving my family from a terrible tragedy - thanks to him we are safe."

Three firefighters in a fire engine

Seven engines attended the scene to help put out the attic fire. - Credit: Andrew Hendriks

She also reflected on the minimal damage caused by the fire and said if Craig hadn't noticed the smoke, the destruction could have been extensive.

When the seven fire engines arrived on the scene, Katarzyna's son Winnie was noticeably upset.

One particularly kind firefighter comforted him by letting him try on his helmet.

Katarzyna said: "The firefighters were so helpful and responded quickly to the situation.

"We were able to return to our house after only an hour and thirty minutes."

Firefighters on scene in Haverhill

Electrician Craig spotted the house fire when he was on his way home from working on a local house. - Credit: Andrew Hendriks

Haverhill Fire Station released a statement on Facebook in regard to the Queensway fire.

They said: "Crews from Haverhill supported by our colleagues from Clare, Wickhambrook and Cambridgeshire attended a small fire in a loft space.

"Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and using a hose reel quickly brought the incident under control.

"While attending the incident, crews also replaced two smoke alarms at a neighbouring property."

Craig responded to Katarzyna and Roz's thanks by saying: "It's just what you do. I was lucky enough to spot it, so I just let them know."