Google data tracks Suffolk's movements before July 19 lockdown easing

More than 9,200 people visited Ipswich town centre on Monday, June 15 as coronavirus restrictions we

It seems that people have felt more confident about going out and about as Covid restrictions are eased - Credit: Archant

Data from Google which tracks people's movements has showed Suffolk taking a step towards normal life as coronavirus restrictions ease.

The latest figures from July 5 compare the time spent at various places with a baseline period from January 3 and February 6 2020 - just before the pandemic hit.

It shows that people in Suffolk have been visiting parks, shops and going to work more than the national average.

Trips to parks saw the biggest rise, up 78% on pre-Covid levels.

The number of people staying at home - once more than 20% during the pandemic - is now at 7%, lower than the national average of 9%.

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However, the number of people using public transport has fallen from a few months ago - although it is still higher than the national average.

On May 11, the figures were only down 23% on the pre-Covid baseline. On July 5, the number of those using public transport had dropped to 36% less than the baseline.  

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The government is set to remove the vast majority of coronavirus restrictions on July 19, with people no longer advised to work from home and venues such as night clubs allowed to reopen.

It is expected this will lead to a further rise in people's movements.

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