No spiking by injection reports in Suffolk, police confirm

Home secretary and Witham MP Priti Patel has hit out at Colchester Borough Council over garden commu

Home secretary and MP for Witham Priti Patel has called for an update from police forces in the UK on spiking incidents - Credit: Archant

There have been no reports of anyone being drugged by injection in Suffolk after national concerns were raised over the scale of spiking at nightlife venues in the UK.

Suffolk police said it had received no reports in recent weeks relating to people being drugged by injection after incidents were reported in several parts of the country - including Nottingham, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Essex MP and home secretary Priti Patel has asked forces across the country for an update after some said they had seen more spiking by needle incidents in recent months.

Police chiefs have also been tasked by the commons home affairs committee to urgently provide more information on their assessment of the scale of the problem.

Groups from more than 30 universities around the UK have joined an online campaign calling for the boycott of nightclubs, with campaigners seeking "tangible" changes to make them safer, such as covers/stoppers for drinks, better training for staff and more rigorous searches of clubbers.

A petition launched last week to make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests on entry has already gained more than 120,000 signatures.

It comes as a University of Nottingham student told how she believes she was spiked with an injection during a night-out with friends.

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Universities say the increasing number of reports of such incidents on nights out are "incredibly disturbing" and are working with police to ensure student safety.

Multiple institutions have condemned the "appalling behaviour" and have expressed solidarity with the victims of incidents.

A spokesman for Universities UK, an organisation representing higher education establishments across the country, said: "The safety of students is of the utmost importance and universities are working together with local police forces, clubs and bars, and student unions to ensure they are fully aware of all risks to student safety.

"Universities will not tolerate any form of sexual assault or harassment and are dedicated to ensuring that students have the safe and enjoyable university experience they deserve."

Spiking drinks can lead to up to 10 years in prison - or even higher if other offences like rape, robbery or another assault has taken place.

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