Mapped: Where 5,300 crimes were reported in Suffolk this summer


Crime report data has been issued for July - Credit: IAN BURT

Latest crime figures show there were 5,300 alleged crimes reported in Suffolk in July - and our maps show where.

The figures come from and show that over 2,000 of these reports were related to violence or sexual offences. 

The maps below chart the vicinity of the crimes reported in that month, those where a location was not provided are not included. 

Some of the markers indicated areas outside of Suffolk; these may include people who no longer live in the county or who were reporting an offence from when they were visiting the area. 

It is also important to note that the pin positions provided by the police data relate to the area in which the report was made, but do not always reflect the exact location of the crime.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “Suffolk continues to have relatively low crime rates in comparison to other areas.

"Our priority is to protect communities throughout the county by keeping people safe, preventing crime, and where crime does occur, to catch and convict the perpetrators.”

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Breakdowns for some of Suffolk's largest towns: 


There were a total of 546 crimes reported in Ipswich in July 2021. 

Of these crimes reported, there were: 

  • 184 - violence and sexual offences
  • 128 - anti-social behaviour
  • 60 - public order
  • 174 - all other crime


There were 199 crimes reported in the Woodbridge area in July. 

  • 63 - violence and sexual offences 
  • 38 - anti social behaviour
  • 18 - other thefts
  • 80 - all other crime 

Bury St Edmunds

In the Bury St Edmunds area 468 crimes were reported in the month.

  • 175 - violence and sexual offences
  • 99 - anti-social behaviour
  • 57 - public order
  • 137 - all other crime


In total there were 273 reports of crime in the Stowmarket area for July. 

  • 118 - violence and sexual offences
  • 45 - anti-social behaviour 
  • 30 - public order
  • 80 - all other crime


202 crimes were reported in Newmarket in July 

  • 80 - violence and sexual offences
  • 27 - anti-social behaviour
  • 24 - public order
  • 71 - all other crime 

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