Man found not guilty of Red Lodge shooting witness intimidation

Rhys Collings, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk went into a village store with a knife and threatened a shop assistant

Christopher Mongan was found not guilty at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday. - Credit: PHIL MORLEY

A man accused of intimidating a man who witnessed a shooting at a Suffolk Travellers site has been found not guilty by a crown court jury. 

Christopher Mongan, of Wilslow Road, Milton Keynes denied an offence of intimidation. 

At Ipswich Crown Court on Friday, the jury came back and gave a not guilty verdict on a count of conspiring to harm a witness.

Mr Mongan was also discharged on one count of conspiring to intimidate a witness. 

The court heard three men wearing balaclavas burst into the caravan and held a gun to Bernard McDonagh senior's head, 10 days after a shooting at the Travellers' site in Red Lodge.

On April 4 last year there was an incident at the Red Lodge site during which at least eight people turned up and shot and wounded two teenagers.

Among that group were Christopher Mongan’s brothers David and Bernard Mongan and their cousin Jim Mongan and after the incident Bernard McDonagh senior and his wife Theresa identified them to the police as being part of the group.

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Mr McDonagh senior and junior both gave evidence during the trial.

Both told the court one of the men held a gun to his father’s head while another held up a mobile phone which had a man he said was Christopher Mongan on a video call.

Mr McDonagh junior claimed that Mongan told his father Bernard McDonagh senior that he and his six sons would be shot if they didn’t “drop the charges” relating to a shooting ten days earlier at the Red Lodge Travellers’ site where they lived.

During his evidence, Mr Mongan denied making the video call in which the threat to shoot Bernard McDonagh senior and his sons were made.

The court heard six weeks later, the family told police they were mistaken and that they no longer supported the prosecution.

In September last year, Bernard McDonagh and other members of his family went back to the police and reported that they had been threatened by Christopher Mongan and he was arrested a few weeks later.

Despite this the case against David, Jim and Bernard Mongan continued and in October last year they admitted violent disorder at the Red Lodge site on April 4 last year.