Suffolk butchers run 75-mile journey travelled by Thomas during treatment

Alastair Angus running

Alastair has already raised over £4,000 for Thomas' Fund. - Credit: Alastair Angus

The owner of a Suffolk butchers has completed an ultramarathon along the 75-mile route the family of a four-year-old would travel for his cancer treatment.

Alastair Angus, owner of Thurston Butchers, completed the run on Saturday, March 26, to raise awareness and money for Thomas' Fund.

The charity was set up by Nat and Nicky Boughton, in honour of their son Thomas, who lost his life to a rare form of brain tumour in 2015, aged four.

Alastair Angus on his ultramarathon for Thomas' Fund

Alastair undertook the 75 mile ultramarathon for Thomas' Fund. - Credit: Alastair Angus

Thomas' Fund raises awareness and supports research into low grade glioma, which is a type of childhood brain tumour.

The route for the 75-mile run, which started at 4am and finished 14-and a-half-hours later at 6.30pm, took Alastair from the Boughton's home of Norton, in Mid Suffolk, to Addenbrookes Hospital, where Thomas received most of his treatment.

"The journey from the family's village to Addenbrookes was incredibly symbolic and meaningful.

"It's a journey that the family have made countless times and I can only imagine the range of emotions that they would have gone through on those trips," Alastair said.

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During the run Alastair was joined by Thomas's dad, as well as friends from St Edmunds Pacers running club, which included chairman Chris Mower.

"It was great to see many members of the club assist Alastair during his monumental effort for such an important and worthwhile cause.

"It was humbling to us all to witness firsthand Alastair successfully achieve such a long planned and hard endeavour," Chris said.

Thomas's mother, Nicky, said: "We are so grateful to Alastair for undertaking this epic challenge in memory of Thomas.

"It’s an astonishing achievement which he seemingly made effortless. A huge thanks to all his support crew who helped him through the 75 miles and to everyone’s incredibly generous donations.

"All the money raised will go forwards to the next research project that we fund to help change the outcomes of childhood brain tumours."

Alastair added: "The running and cycling support made all the difference.

"It was a long day at the office, but a beautiful day with the sun shining. I really couldn't have asked for a better day conditions-wise."  

More information about Thomas' Fund can be found here.

So far Alastair has raised just over £4,000. Donations can be made in Thurston Butchers, or online here.