Plans for a temporary hydrogen refuelling depot in Ipswich and a bakery's plans to serve alcohol into the evening are among the public notices of interest this week. 

1) Pinch at Maple Farm, Saxmundham

Pinch, an award-winning bakery and pastry shop at Maple Farm in Saxmundham, Suffolk, is seeking permission to sell alcohol from 9.00am to 11pm. 

Pinch is looking to be open between these hours, except in the off-peak season when it will open from 9am to 2pm.

Its current opening times are 9am to 2pm.

2) The Tavern, Rendlesham

The Tavern, a pub in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge, has applied to extend the hours it is allowed to sell alcohol.

The pub has applied to change its current opening hours from 12pm to 9pm to 11am to 11pm.

The closing date for this application will be July 23.

3) Sizewell C, Ipswich 

NNB Generation Company Ltd, otherwise known as Sizewell C, is seeking permission to build a temporary depot at the former Cinram in Ransomes Europark in Ipswich, near the A14.

The proposals include plans for a temporary hydrogen refuelling facility, the erection of a temporary maintenance building and the installation of a 2.4-metre-high boundary fence.

The proposed depot will be in place for 24 months.

4) Tokyo Oysy Sushi, Beck Row

A sushi restaurant in Beck Row, near Bury St Edmunds, has applied to shorten its opening times.

Tokyo Oysy Sushi  is looking to change its opening times from Monday to Thursday closing at 3pm instead of 10pm.

It is also seeking permission to close later on a Friday and Saturday -at 11pm. 

5) Ruby’s, Felixstowe

Ruby's Kitchen in Felixstowe has applied to extend its opening hours.

The cafe, which sells a range of food and drink near the beach, wants to change its daily opening hours from 8.30am to 9.30pm. Its opening hours are currently 7am to 5pm.