The owner of a jewellers has described the moment thieves stole jewellery from his store as "like a magic trick."

Xavier Robinson's Romark Jewellers store in Bury St Edmunds was targeted by Radu Niculescu, 29, and two women both named Loredana Sava, 31 and 35, earlier this year.

All three were jailed for a combined five-and-a-half-years after stealing £13,000 worth of jewellery from the Abbeygate Street business. 

Romark Jewellers owner, Xavier RobinsonRomark Jewellers owner, Xavier Robinson (Image: Xavier Robinson)

Judge Richard Kelly told Ipswich Crown Court their burglary was a "slick performance".

"If someone is hellbent on stealing, they are hellbent on stealing," said Mr Robinson. 

"It was very professionally done; the police even said it doesn't get better than that. It was like a magic trick.

(Left to right) Radu Niculescu, Loredana Sava, 31, and Loredana Sava, 35 (Left to right) Radu Niculescu, Loredana Sava, 31, and Loredana Sava, 35 (Image: Suffolk police)

"I think the sentence was fair. I was happy with the sentence. When this sort of thing happens you do go through a range of emotions, but it is how you deal with it that matters."

Mr Robinson, who has owned the store since 2023 after working at the premises since 2010, praised the way the police handled the case. 

He said: "The police have been absolutely fantastic.

"They have kept me updated and kept me informed all throughout the process, very supportive and I cannot fault them at all in the speed they apprehended the three people."

Romark Jewellers in Abbeygate StreetRomark Jewellers in Abbeygate Street (Image: Google Maps)

The court heard that two bags of jewellery, one large and one small, were placed on a counter while Mr Robinson calculated a price. 

It was during that time the smaller bag was removed by the defendants.

The elder Sava was sentenced to 33 months in prison, reduced to 22 months in light of her early guilty plea.

Niculescu was given three years, which likewise was reduced to two. He had also breached a previously suspended sentence, which Judge Kelly activated for three weeks.

The younger Sava was also sentenced to three years. However, Judge Kelly reduced this to 27 months for her guilty plea, and then reduced it further to 20 months, being mindful of her caring responsibilities.