Temperatures are plummeting across the UK and there is a small chance Suffolk could see snow as soon as next week.

Weather forecaster WX Charts has predicted that snow could fall in parts of Suffolk.

The Met Office long-range forecast predicts "colder than average" conditions are on the way with lows of -1C on Sunday morning in Ipswich.

WX Charts predicts that snow could fall in Ipswich, Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds. 

But a Met Office spokesman has said that there is a "very small chance" of people seeing snow next week.

"The early part of next week is most likely to be characterised by light winds and a mixture of wetter, cloudier conditions and colder, brighter and drier conditions before winds from a broadly northwesterly direction become more established," he said.

"These will lead to periods of wet or showery weather focussed in the northwest of the UK and largely dry weather elsewhere.

"Temperatures overall are most likely to be just a little colder than average, with only a very small chance of something much colder and wintry developing from mid to late next week."