A signed Marcus Stewart Town shirt from the 2000/01 season that was found at a recycling centre in Ipswich has sold for over £1,500.

The shirt, which was found at Bury Recycling Centre in the summer, sold for £1,700 at the Ipswich Town Foundation dinner on November 9.

Town fan Chris Peach found the framed shirt leaning up against a skip before turning it around and realising what it was.

He said: "I was emptying my car and when I had finished it was still there so I thought I'll have it to hang in my man cave.

Bury Mercury: The framed shirt which was found at Bury Recycling CentreThe framed shirt which was found at Bury Recycling Centre (Image: Chris Peach)

"I had people messaging me after posting it on X telling me they would buy it off me, but I was never going to take the money for myself.

"My moral compass went off and as it had Marcus Stewart on the back, and as a Town fan, he gave me some of the best memories I have supporting this club, I wanted to give back.

"I contacted the club who said they were willing to reframe it and then sell it."

The framed shirt, which had signatures from the team at the time including Matt Holland and Richard Wright, sold for £1,700, with all money going to the Darby Rimmer Foundation, an MND charity.

Bury Mercury: Chris Peach, lifelong Town fanChris Peach, lifelong Town fan (Image: Chris Peach)

Marcus Stewart was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in September 2022.

Mr Peach continued: "I couldn't believe it went for that much.

"For something that someone was just going to throw away, to make that much money for Marcus' charity is incredible.

"I feel like all Town fans love Marcus Stewart for what he did for the club and what he has been through.

"It would have been cool to have it on my wall at home, but to make money for his charity is a really nice feeling."

Bury Mercury: Town legend Marcus StewartTown legend Marcus Stewart (Image: PA)