Turkey is amongst the 10 most attractive destinations for dental tourism worldwide. Many of the dentists in the country speak fluent English, French and German. Many of them have specialise in specific cosmetic treatments like root canal treatment, teeth whitening or veneer treatment.

International patients and superstars like Katie Price get  dental treatment in Turkey, a fascinating country with a great history for affordable dental treatments.

Moreover, cheap flights make it is easy to travel to Turkey. That means there are nearly no extra costs, especially when you plan to combine your dental procedures with an unforgettable holiday in Istanbul or along the breathtaking Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Medical treatments and cosmetic surgery are both possible at the Cosmedica Dental Clinic in Istanbul. Read on for further information Cosmedica Dental Clinic and the treatments they provide.

What services do Cosmedica Dental in Istanbul offer?

Bury Mercury:

Cosmedica Dental Clinic in Istanbul offers dental veneers, dental implants, Invisalign and teeth whitening along with further dental services as dental bridges and dental crowns.

While dental veneers are a good solution for closing gaps between teeth or slight misalignments, teeth implants are a permanent solution for tooth replacement. Invisalign replace metal braces in case of misalignment of the teeth.

Dental crowns restore the beauty of your teeth, while dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth for a better speaking and chewing. Teeth whitening can fulfill your dream of having a sparkling smile again.

Fifteen years of experience in cosmetic dentistry guarantees the highest level of quality. Professional and safe methods lead to effective results, for example by doing a smile makeover and restoring a natural tooth. The difference after treatment is remarkable compared to the appearance of the teeth before.

Every patient gets an individual treatment plan during their stay in the Cosmedica Dental Clinic in Istanbul for their optimal oral health.

What packages does Cosmedica Dental offer?

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Quality and affordability are the two main reasons for dental treatments in Istanbul.

The price is often 70% cheaper than in most other European dental sites, although many of the clinics are equipped with the latest technology. While a single implant costs €1,000, a full mouth implant is about €7,500, including the stay in 5-star accommodation, a translator, VIP transfer and all examinations and consultations.

Nevertheless, the costs depend on several factors, such as the type of material and the exact clinic. This results in low overhead costs in Turkey.

A transfer service brings the patient directly from the airport to the Cosmedic Dental Clinic in Turkey. The first day is mostly of free day. The stay in the clinic starts with a personal consultation with the head physician of the clinic.

Then a personal treatment plan is carried out. Later, this treatment plan is further discussed and open questions can be clarified. The treatments are adjusted to suit individual patients, such as those with very sensitive teeth.

The length of the stay depends on the exact treatment. Usually, it takes four days to complete the cosmetic procedures. Doing dental implants, patients have to come to the clinic twice.

Why is it cheaper to have teeth done in Turkey than other countries?

Dental treatment costs are significantly cheaper than in the UK and other European countries. In most cases, one pays half the price or less than in the UK. The cheaper dental costs in Turkey are due to lower wages and loan costs. Also, the operation costs are much lower in Turkey.

There are government incentives for this practice, and also the favourable currency exchange rates favours this situation.

What are the advantages and problems of dental treatments there, especially at Cosmedica Dental?

The advantages of dental treatment in Turkey refers not only to the cheaper price offering the same level of quality, but also to the hospitality and the unique flair of an oriental megacity like Istanbul. The warm climate with beautiful beaches makes the treatments easier for guests. Thus, it is easy to combine a dental treatment for the perfect smile with a stunning holiday, rich in culture and history.

Many of the dentists studied or worked abroad before returning to Istanbul. Today, they have a remarkable reputation throughout the world. 

At Cosmedical Dental Clinic, the safety and hygiene standards rank among the highest in the country. In general, the dental services in Turkey are comparable to those in Western Europe or the US. 

Need to know more about dental care in Turkey?

One can get information on the official website of our Cosmedica Dental dental clinic in Turkey or via the usual social media channels. Moreover, you can contact the clinic via e-mail or phone call.

Before treatment starts, there will be an online consultation with an experienced team of cosmetic dentists. Last, but not least, ask people who have already had personal dental care in Turkey.


Teeth care in Turkey is an excellent opportunity to enjoy qualitative teeth treatment with the option of enjoying a relaxing holiday on the coast before or after your visit to Cosmedica Dental in Istanbul.