A top restaurant has said that they will "keep doing what they do well" after they were named in a prestigious national guide for 'excellence.' 

1921 Angel Hill was awarded three AA rosettes at the AA hospitality awards in September, an accolade given to restaurants that "demand national recognition well beyond their local area."

Led by Chef Patron Zack Deakins, the restaurant was opened in September 2014 and received its third AA rosette the day before its ninth birthday.

"We certainly will not be changing anything," said Chef Deakins.

"We plan to keep doing what we do well."

Bury Mercury: The food has been highly acclaimed at a national levelThe food has been highly acclaimed at a national level (Image: Zack Deakins)

While the full effects of the accolade are yet to be really felt by the establishment, there has been a slight increase in the bookings. 

"We've had a few new faces," said Chef Deakins.

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The AA is extremely thorough, often visiting restaurants two or three times before making a decision about the awards handed out once a year.

"We had an indication that we might have another rosette," said Chef Deakins.

"You never really know until it has been officially announced.

"The AA is really good and the inspectors always chat with you after their meal and give you feedback. 

"Every time they came they felt the same way about our food."

Consistency is key in the AA awards, with establishments praised for outstanding food and service.

Bury Mercury: The prize plate sits in the windowThe prize plate sits in the window (Image: Zack Deakins)

The prize plate is currently sitting in pride of place in the window of the restaurant on Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds, but Chef Deakins is more proud of the team that works in the restaurant.

"It is a family here," he said.

"We even live in the building!

"My five and seven-year-old children have a great relationship with the staff, and everyone is involved and hands-on.

"Ultimately, I'm happier about creating an atmosphere where people want to stay and work than any awards that we might win."

1921 Angel Hill is open for daytime and dinner bookings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.