British Sugar has proposed demolishing an existing office building and constructing a new two-storey unit in its place at the firm's Bury St Edmunds factory.

Planning documents submitted to West Suffolk Council in late August have revealed the manufacturer, which has been producing sugar in Bury since 1924, is seeking a larger front-of-house office building.

The proposals have now been made public on the council's online planning portal.

According to planning documents, the new office would be built off the site's main entrance in Hollow Road, just off the A143 to the north of the west Suffolk town.

The documents say the proposals comply with a range of planning criteria.

They said: "The proposals seek to create a positive change for British Sugar in terms of staff facilities and also indicates British Sugar's ongoing commitment as a business based in Bury St Edmunds."

British Sugar's factory produces the food from sugar beet and the site is visible from miles away to drivers on the A14 in west Suffolk.

Another British Sugar site is in Wissington in Norfolk.