West Suffolk residents may only see a 10 pence weekly district council tax increase under new proposals to be discussed next week.

For 2023-24, the planned average Band D council tax level is proposed at £192.06, which represents a weekly increase of under 10 pence.

Over 70% of the residents in West Suffolk are in bands A to C, meaning they will see a lower increase.

For comparison, Mid Suffolk Council has recently decided to freeze its council tax bill, while East Suffolk Council agreed to make the annual rate for band D properties £4.95 higher.

A West Suffolk Council budget and council tax setting report details that council tax currently makes up approximately 20% of the authority's budget and, therefore, "only goes a fifth of the way to actually paying for services".

The report adds: "It is recognised that any increase provides an extra burden on taxpayers but does mean the protection of vital services which would otherwise possibly have to be considered for reductions."

The council tax proposal will be discussed by members of the West Suffolk Council Cabinet at its next meeting on Tuesday, February 7.