Children have been sent home early from a Bury St Edmunds school as it is potentially not safe after a possible smell of gas. 

Abbots Green Academy, on the Moreton Hall estate, has issued a letter to parents asking them to collect their children from school as soon as possible. 

The first letter, which has been seen by this newspaper, reads: "We have had an indication that our school site is currently not safe due to the potential smell of gas in our Key Stage 2 building.

"Please be reassured that every child is safe with contractors on site.

"We will send further communication with reference to parents evening this evening as soon as the site has been confirmed as being safe for all pupils."

Since checks have been carried out it has been confirmed the building is safe. 

In an update headteacher Ang Morrison said: "Staff remain committed to running our parents evenings this evening with the exception of Israel class.

"Our Year 2 Parent Partnership event has been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 30 at 1.30pm. 

"Whilst we're hugely appreciative of the inconvenience that today has caused, we very much hope that as a community we continue to understand and respect our staff for continuing to put the safety of all children and staff first."