Fuel prices hit a record high in the summer but have started to fall since then – so where is the cheapest place to fill up in Suffolk?

Analysis of government figures by the RAC Foundation has found the average price of a litre of diesel is nearly 17p more expensive than petrol.

Figures from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy show average pump prices for a litre of fuel on Monday were 180.3p for diesel and 163.8p for petrol.

This means filling a typical 55-litre family diesel car is around £9 more expensive than for petrol models.

Price-checking app PetrolPrices has revealed some of the cheapest places to fill up in Suffolk over the last 48 hours, with several charging less than the national average.

Here are the cheapest petrol stations in Suffolk towns, according to PetrolPrices.


BP, Norwich Road

Unleaded: 156.9p

Diesel: 177.9p


BP, Anzani Avenue

Unleaded: 169.9p

Diesel: 185.9p


Gulf, Melton Road

Unleaded: 167.9p

Diesel: 182.9p

Bury St Edmunds

Asda, Western Way

Unleaded: 164.7p

Diesel: 179.7p


Tesco, Fordham Road

Unleaded: 159.9p

Diesel: 179.9p


Sainsbury's, Great Cornard Road

Unleaded: 159.9p

Diesel: 176.9p


Gulf, Yarmouth Road

Unleaded: 157.9p

Diesel: 179.9p


BP, Duddery Hill

Unleaded: 157.9p

Diesel: 179.9p