The mother of a premature baby, who had her life saved thanks to CPR carried out by her family and Sudbury police officers, said she "can't stop reliving" the day her daughter turned blue and stopped breathing.

Mum-of-three Natasha Brennan, 33, said her daughter Marnie, who is still in ICU at Addenbrooke's Hospital is "doing well,".

She added: "It is onwards and upwards from now hopefully, everyday she is getting a bit stronger."

Miss Brennan hopes her daughter, who was initially rushed to West Suffolk Hospital on Thursday, October 21, will be back home with the family in Long Melford soon.

Marnie, who is just fourteen weeks old, and was born 10 weeks premature, had been taken to the hospital a few days earlier after suffering from severe cold like symptoms.

After being checked over, her mother and her dad Sam Thrussell, 27 were told she had a Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) which can be dangerous for vulnerable babies. Her parents were told to take Marnie home and monitor her from there.

When she was back home Marnie continued to suffer from cold like symptoms, but there was nothing that majorly concerned her parents who were keeping a close eye on her.

However, on the Thursday the situation took a worrying turn. Miss Brennan said: "She was asleep in her cot I picked her up because I didn't feel like she looked good, her colour went from pink to very pale."

As Miss Brennan tried to call 111 for medical advice she handed Marnie to her partner. She said: "She was in my partner's arms and she sort of strained and really clenched her arms and then she just turned blue, just like that.

"Marnie used to suffer apnea where she would pause her breathing for 10 seconds and then gasp for air, so we thought she was just doing that so he was blowing on her face to stimulate her breathing again but there was just no response."

Miss Brennan's mother Debbie Houghton, who lives three doors away, rushed to the couple's home to help Mr Thrussell administer CPR on Marnie - with her daughter describing her actions as "incredible".

As there wasn't an ambulance nearby police officers from Sudbury were first on the scene, Miss Brennan said: "Marnie had been unconscious for 10 minutes the police arrived very promptly and ran through the door.

"They took over, it felt like a lifetime but after about six minutes I heard one of them say 'she's back'. I just collapsed on the floor - I didn't know what to do there were just so many emotions.

"Honestly, I don't know how they handled that situation, the police officers I could not fault them at all. They weren't police on that day, they were human, they were the ones that saved a baby's life - there were no second thoughts, they just got on the floor and got it done."

She added: "There's not enough thank yous in this world."

You can find out how to resuscitate a child and other baby first aid tips on the NHS website -