The number of people in hospital with coronavirus in Suffolk and north Essex has decreased although four Covid related-deaths have been reported.

Last week 94 people were in hospital in Suffolk and north Essex with the virus, but there are 89 people being treated currently.

Although the overall number has gone down the amount of people in West Suffolk Hospital with Covid-19 has increased.

According to new data 30 patients were admitted to Bury St Edmunds Hospital with coronavirus between November 15 and 21, which shows a 28.6% increase when compared to the previous seven days.

There is also four patients currently needing a mechanical ventilator to assist with breathing.

There were 59 patients in Ipswich and Colchester Hospital, both of which are run by the East Suffolk and North East Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) which shows a decrease of 15.3% when compared to the previous week.

Three of the four deaths happened at West Suffolk Hospital, while the other was recorded at the ESNEFT hospitals.