A pub landlord says his family’s life is being ruined by drunk teenagers who climb on to a statue on a ledge above a window to take ‘selfies’, risking their own safety.

Gary Addison, who runs the White Horse in Sudbury, said youngsters try to challenge themselves to get on to the white horse, which stands on top of the ledge above a ground floor window.

He fears one day he will find a teen "lying on the pavement, not moving". He said the youngsters encourage their friends to take a photo of them sitting on top of the monument.

The noise they make regularly wakes Mr Addison’s three daughters, whose ages range from six months to three-years-old, often at 4am.

He said they worry that monsters are trying to get in their rooms.

The problem happens mainly on Friday and Saturday nights when the youngsters push open lead-framed windows to gain a foothold and then winch themselves onto the ledge about two-and-a-half metres above the ground.

Mr Addison said anyone climbing would have to be "athletic" and only teenagers would fit that category.

He added: “It is never nice at 4am for my children to be startled out of their sleep for youngsters just trying to get a picture.

“I have lost count of the number of times that I have had to bang on the window and holler at children to get down off the roof.”

The statue is part of the history of the building and has been in place for more than 100 years.

“There is every chance it will happen. Eventually, somebody is going to fall off. The best outcome would be a broken limb. Good sense goes out of the window when people are drunk,” Mr Addison said.

A spokesperson for Suffolk Police warned people against participating in dangerous activity such as this, saying they could not only harm themselves, but could be subject to police action if found to be committing persistent anti-social behaviour.

They could also be subject to civil action, such as trespass offences or being sued for any damage caused.