Would you like to stay in a truly medieval house?

Located near the Suffolk village of Stansfield and available to rent from the Landmark Trust, Purton Green is an extremely rare survival of a medieval timber-framed hall built around the year 1250.

With the oldest parts dating from before the Black Death, holidaying in this ancient thatched farmhouse is like stepping through a portal into the middle ages.

Thought to have been built by a Walter de Priditon, Steward to the Earl Marshal who held the manor of Priditon (later Purton), the house has been extensively rebuilt since its original creation.

The first expansion was in circa 1400, when the walls were rebuilt, and later in 1600 a chimney and upper floor were added.

It was used as a farmhouse following this point coming into the possession of the Pratt Family, who held it until the late 19th century, again modernising the building.

A lot of the newer work was altered when the Landmark Trust acquired the property in 1969, with the now-derelict extra floor being removed to help restore the property to its medieval condition, opening up the main hall.

The property, one of the first to be restored by the Landmark Trust, is the sole survivor of one of Suffolk's many lost villages.

Despite being a medieval building, Purton Green comes fully equipped to modern standards, with the kitchen having an electric cooker, a dishwasher and a microwave.

Upstairs, the single bathroom offers a comfortable panel bath, which offers a view out of an impressive window framed in ancient wood.

However, the true gem in this house's crown is the double-height main hall, which is a sight to behold, paved with flagstones and offering incredible views up into the rafters of the building.

To access the rest of the property, you must enter through the main hall and follow the paths people have been on for centuries.

This will lead guests to the comfortably furnished living room, while the stairs inside take them up to the principal and twin bedrooms.

Potential guests should know the property is located a 400m walk away from the associated parking spaces, the stairs are relatively steep and it is heated by electric storage heaters throughout.

More information is available on the Landmark Trust's website.