Latest coronavirus data has revealed a neighbourhood near Woodbridge currently has the highest infection rate in Suffolk.

Figures released by the government for the week up to July 1 have been broken down into postcodes known as Middle-layer Super Output Areas, which each have an average population of 8,000.

The neighbourhood with the highest Covid rate in the county was Westerfield, Grundisburgh & Bredfield, which had a rate of 435.1 cases per 100,000 people after 30 infections were reported in a week.

Marks Tey and Wakes Colne in north Essex had a slightly higher rate at 480.9.

Infection rates in Ipswich were comparatively low, though the Christchurch Park neighbourhood did report a figure of 381.3 after 31 new cases were identified.

The overall figures may be skewed by the lack of free public testing, which ended in April this year.

The rise in case numbers has started to reflect in the number of patients being treated with the virus in Suffolk's hospitals.