A fundraiser for a Suffolk four-year-old facing an uncertain journey with hepatitis has reached over £4,000 in only 12 hours.

Having just graduated from Little Willows Preschool at Walsham le Willows, near Bury St Edmunds, Elodie Waugh is due to start primary school in September and was looking forward to a summer playing in the sunshine.

However, her first symptoms arose soon after leaving preschool and Elodie was sent to West Suffolk Hospital for blood tests, cannulas, platelet transfusions, ultrasounds and countless other examinations.

At King's College Hospital she was given a hepatitis diagnosis, but has tested negative for all common strains meaning doctors are still unsure of her current condition.

Next, Elodie is due for a liver biopsy but all further investigations have been halted until her blood and immune system issues have been resolved.

Her liver function is dangerously close to being classified as liver failure and the Waugh family are readying themselves for the possibility that Elodie may need a liver transplant.

Elodie's aunt Tara Campbell said: "Elodie is full of energy and full of life. She's excited about every minute of the day and throws herself into everything.

"She's a strong-willed little girl, so funny and just a joy to be around."

Tara has started a GoFundMe page which reached over £4,000 in 12 hours - exceeding their initial target of £2,500.

She is trying to raise funds for Elodie, her mother Kayleigh, her father Ali and little brother Oscar to spend time together over the coming weeks and months.

Donations will also cover travel, additional food costs while in London and will provide Elodie with some private counselling.

Tara added: "The trauma of this has changed her personality enormously and we want nothing more than to have our fabulous little bundle of fun back."

Thus far, many of the donations received have been from fellow Walsham le Willows residents who know Kayleigh through the village Facebook group she created during lockdown.

Tara was amazed by the response received in such a short space of time and said: "You reap what you sow and Elodie's parents Kayleigh and Ali have always given so much to their community."

Elodie and her family are now awaiting the return of her bone marrow biopsy results from testing in Great Ormond Street Hospital.